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Hello to all the HellHammer/CF heads out there. Does any one here have a favorite cover song of Celtic Frost? Of corpse there are many, but mine would be Dimmu's Version of "Nocturnal Fear", and Obituary's take on "Circle of the Tyrants". Any other underground remakes you might recommend, i enjoy searching for new obscure musick \../
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I'm not as impressed by the band as I used to be, but Opeth's cover of "Circle of the Tyrants" is superb and very unique. I enjoy covers that experiment on the original's formula.

Vital Remains also does an excellent rendition of "Dethroned Emperor" on the "Into Cold Darkness" album.
fuck opeth

that band dousn't DESERVE to cover CF!
Interesting...I don't think it's at all gay, despite the fact that the band itself has lost track of how to write good songs. It's a really inspired cover.

I agree about "Dethroned Emperor" though, there aren't too many good covers of that song out there. Vital Remains managed to do the song justice though.
Definitly Mayhem's cover of procreation of the wicked, or perhaps marduk's version of into the crypt of rays'
The OLD one? As in the mayhem one, live gig thing.

I dont like covers... because Triamph of Death kills all in its original form.
Shrooms + Appocaliptic raids = RAGHHH!!!!
I like some covers but apocalyptic raids is godly. Nothing can beat it.

Blargh! DXM and grave Hill Bunker!
I like MayheM and Marduk quite alot. I didn't know about the Crypt of Rays cover!
The mayhem cover is good, ironically marduk's cover is the ebst thing they ever have done.
Not CF, but Megiddo and Rampage did a split tribute of Apocalyptic Raids that is quite good. Actually, just the Megiddo tracks are good, the Rampage ones have TERRIBLE vocals.
Hellhammer are beyond covering. the celtic frost tribute has necrophagia covering the most untouchable hellhammer song, triumph of death. it is alright considering it's necrophagia, but HELLHAMMER CANNOT BE COVERED PROPERLY because there is only one good interpretation of hellhammer's music, and that is the original by hellhammer themselves.

although the Megiddo tribute is ok.

Celtic Frost haven't been covered impressively from any band I've heard.
I definetely say Obituary's cover of "Circle Of The Tyrants" is the best Celtic Frost cover I've heard so far.