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Only Death Is Real

When you are down in the grave...

Fucking Hellhammer Worship
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"If you think of Hellhammer As the drummer of mayhem... YOU'RE FUCKING GAY!" - Anal Cunt

Hellhammer is the sickest most twisted old school metal band to ever lay down a note. Darkness, Evil and Satan, only for true maniacs. Hellhammer is not like the other metal bands with nice technical solos and melodies and shit.

Started in 1981, as Grave hill The name changed to Hammerhead, then Hellhammer. Inspired by Motorhead and Venom, Hellhammer was about making the most extreme and dark music ever.

After releasing the legendary Apocalyptic Raids Ep The band broke up, Because Tom G. Warrior (Vocalist and Guitarist) And Martin Aine (Bass) Decided that they ahd made the most extreme music possible, and there was no where to go but down.

After breaking up, They formed one of the most influential and brilliant metal bands of all time, Celtic Frost.


Grave hill Bunker - Rehearsal - 1982
Death fiend - Demo - 1983
Triumph of death - Demo - 1983
Satanic rites - Demo - 1983
Apocalyptic Raids - Ep - 1984

For only true Hellhammer maniacs!

Discussion on trades or whatever to do with hellhammer is allowed, and Celtic frost.

If you don't LOVE Hellhammer, Don't bother to join.

Remember what Warrior said, "Only Death is Real!"